How We Handle Tasks in Relation to Billing Cycles

Understanding how tasks are managed in relation to billing cycles is crucial for seamless project progress.


This article explains our process for handling tasks, including task rollover, completion of active tasks, and the initiation of new tasks within billing cycles.

Key Points

  • Task Rollover: Tasks do not roll over to the next billing cycle. It's essential to plan and submit tasks with enough time for completion within the current billing cycle.
  • Completion of Active Tasks: Tasks that we have already started within a billing cycle will be completed. Our goal is to ensure that ongoing work is finished without unnecessary delays.
  • Initiation of New Tasks: New tasks will use an available task slot in the current billing cycle. However, timing is critical. Tasks submitted too close to the end of a billing cycle may not be started until the next cycle begins.

Submitting Tasks: Best Practices

To ensure that your tasks are addressed promptly and efficiently, consider the following best practices:

  1. Plan Ahead: Submit your tasks well before the end of the billing cycle. This planning helps us allocate the necessary resources and time to begin work on your tasks.
  2. Communicate Urgencies: If you have tasks that are time-sensitive, communicate their urgency clearly. While we strive to accommodate all requests, advanced notice increases the likelihood of completion within your desired timeframe.
  3. Understand Billing Cycles: Familiarize yourself with the start and end dates of your billing cycles. This knowledge will help you time your task submissions more effectively.


Q: What happens if I submit a task too late in the billing cycle?
A: Tasks submitted late in the billing cycle may not be started until the next billing cycle begins. This approach ensures that we manage our workload effectively and maintain the quality of our output.

Q: Can I prioritize tasks that are critical to my project?
A: Yes, please indicate the priority level of your tasks when submitting them. While we aim to address all tasks promptly, knowing which tasks are critical helps us prioritize our efforts to meet your project needs.

Q: How can I track the progress of my tasks?
A: You can track the progress of your tasks through our project management platform. If you have any questions about accessing the platform or your tasks' status, please contact our support team for assistance.

Need Further Assistance?

If you have any questions or need clarification on managing tasks in relation to billing cycles, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We're here to help you navigate the process and ensure your project's success.