Need to know

Guidelines for a successful working partnership

Consultation Sessions

These sessions are designed to give you a dedicated 45 minutes to delve deeper into your business, address challenges, brainstorm solutions, get answers to your questions, and receive expert guidance on how to utilize HubSpot to solve those challenges effectively.

To schedule a consultation session, simply fill out the Admin Request form in your portal and select the "Consultation Session" option in the Admin Task Category.

How We Communicate

All communication will occur within the client portal, which serves as a centralized platform to keep everything organized for each task.

When you receive messages through the portal, an email notification will be sent with the message's content. If you prefer, you can reply directly to the email without needing to log in to the portal.

Time Estimations

Every task that is "Accepted" will include a rough time estimation for completion. The time estimation is based on when we start "Working" on the task, not when it's "Accepted".

Estimated Completion

Every task that is "Working" will include a rough estimation of delivery for completion. The estimation is set when we start "Working" on the task, not when it's "Accepted".

Completed one at a Time

Before we can begin working on the next task in your "Accepted" stage queue, we require your confirmation that a task in the "Pending Approval" stage can be marked as "Complete".

Once you have approved the task, we will promptly move on to the next one.

If you're on a Duo or Team plan, we will work on 2 or 3 at a time, depending on your plan.

Task Request Submission and Triage Process

As a user, you have the responsibility of submitting your own task requests. If you're unsure about the specific details of the task, don't worry, you can still submit it.

Once you submit a task request, it will go through a triage phase. During this phase, we will gather any additional information or requirements from you, if necessary. This ensures that we have a clear understanding of your needs before we begin working on the task.

By actively participating in the triage process, you can help us deliver the best possible solution for your business.

Submitting Multiple Task Requests

You have the flexibility to submit as many task requests as you need. This allows you to create a backlog of tasks to be addressed in the future. It's a convenient way to prioritize and plan for the completion of multiple tasks over time. So go ahead and submit as many requests as you like, and we'll work through them efficiently to deliver the best solutions for your business.