What is a task?

Gaining a better understanding of what qualifies as a task.

Solutions Overview:

This section provides an explanation of what qualifies as a task and when it is necessary to break down large tasks into smaller ones.

Tactical Rundown:

When submitting a task through our portal, it is important to provide a specific and detailed request that can be completed within a reasonable timeframe. For a comprehensive understanding of our range of services, we recommend reviewing the following article.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that it may take some time initially as we familiarize ourselves with your needs and preferences.

What a task is not: 

Task headline: Create an automated lead nurturing campaign
Task description: These are the emails I want included: example link

For this task, we'd at least need a breakdown of the automation trigger, the segment, and wait times between emails. In addition, you would need to break down this task into smaller parts.

For example:

  • Task #1: Create a Segmentation List
  • Task #2: Create Emails (This may need multiple tasks depending on the number of emails)
  • Task #3: Setup workflow

Ideally, create one task category needed to complete your project. This would allow us to focus on the most important tasks first and avoid one task occupying a task slot for a long time. In addition, it would give you a better track record of what tasks have been completed.

What a task is:

Here are a few examples of the types of tasks that you might encounter. Generally, tasks can range from building an entire workflow or setting up new users to creating an automated workflow or fixing an issue that you're unable to resolve in HubSpot.

Task headline: Create a new landing page
Task description: Page outline as in the sketch. Copy, meta, and images attached. Here is a link to an example landing page I like: [link here]

Task headline: Create a new email template for events
Task description: I like the following email design: [link], [link]. Please create something similar. The Images I want in the template are attached.

Task headline: Add a new user
Task description: Please add [Full Name], [email address] to our system. They should have a sales set and access to only their contacts, companies, and deals.

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